Elect Ryan is not a political campaign website at this time.  Right now, ElectRyan.org stands for  Elect Renew Your Activist Nature.  The power belongs to the people, not the politicians.  We can make better and bigger changes that are positive for the needs of the people if we take direct action, rather than waiting for a politician to fix everything.

The government is a corrupt system.  It is a system based on being elected in order to make a healthy salary, and the election process is controlled by two main parties, both of which seem to play “good cop bad cop”.   By day they are enemies, by night they are having cocktails together and planning on how to manipulate voters to keep their jobs.

We have affection for plans like The National Initiative for Democracy, because we live in a Constitutional Republic with some democratic elements.  When the politicians let us down, create laws that are against the best interests of the nations, or wage illegitimate wars, the people should be able to take direct and effective action to override corrupt politicians.

While our website has to do with general principles such as the NAP (Non-Aggression Principle), we do mostly address issues in Hawaii County, specifically in Puna district.  It is a very big job to cover just our local area, so we tend to not focus as much on national and international issues.

At this time we are not a non-profit.  We do not accept donations.  However we do have a tax license and we will sell advertising on our website if it fits our political ideologies.

To learn more about:

The National Initiative For Democracy


The Non-Aggression Principle 

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Beyond those to principles, if you would like some good reading about liberty, and about economics please look into the books below.

Liberty Defined Ron Paul
Liberty Defined Ron Paul