After Ryan retired to Puerto Rico in 2016, he and his family had setup a business and a comfortable life in Puerto Rico. Ryan traded his home in Maine for a 46′ Yawl in Puerto Rico.
Ryan and his family were living their best life, until September 2017 when the island was first hit by Hurricane Irma, and then hit by Hurricane Maria.

After hurricane Maria, Ryan and his family had their house torn down around them in Juncos, and their boat sunk in Fajardo.
They ended up seeking out a hurricane shelter while they were trying to piece their lives back together.

While at a Hurricane Shelter in San Juan. Ryan got active in trying to help people who did not have internet, get access to the FEMA website so that they could apply for the FEMA disaster assistance.

This is Ryan using his phone’s hotspot, that he connected to several Wi-Fi Routers to rebroadcast the signal to everyone who needed it at the hurricane shelter in San Juan.

He was active in getting the attention of the governor’s office, and within 24 hours of contacting the governor’s office about the problems that people were facing at the hurricane shelter with poor quality food and poor quality support. The first lady of Puerto Rico Beatriz Rossell√≥ came to the hurricane shelter that Ryan and his family were at, and served pizza to the refugees at the hurricane shelter with Mrs. Beatriz Rossell√≥.

Beatriz Rosselló and Ryan Thompson feeding people in Puerto Rico at the Hurricane Shelter in San Juan

Ryan was also sending messages to the White House to reprimand the US President. There was no response from the White House.

One can not effectively criticize if they are not doing something to help and improve the situation, that is Ryan’s motto.

In the 2018 Kilauea volcanic eruption on Big Island Hawaii, Ryan setup a tech support assistance program offering local residents free tech support services during and after the disaster.
Ryan provided dozens of people free tech support to install surveillance cameras and hotspots to help them watch over their homes while they were evacuated, and also other computer services and training to help people work remotely while they were displaced.

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