I had a conversation today on a Facebook group about COVID19 in Hawaii.

I had a person get hysterical when I posted this information:

From a FB conversation.

There are 302,000 deaths from Covid-19 worldwide. 7.8 billion people. That is 0.0039%

There are 330 million people in the USA and 85541 deaths (remove NY from the equation and it’s only about 50,000 deaths) but 85541 of 330 million is 0.26%

Japan has a population of 120 million and has 713 deaths. That is 0.0006% and they aren’t even locked down.

And the recovery rate in all of those places is well above 98%

VERY comparable to the flu

“Karen” we will call her, continue to berate me about how my “freedom is selfish”, because “COVID can kill people”.

I reminded Karen that 542 people died last year in Hawaii due to influenza, and 120 people died from car accidents in Hawaii. Yet only 17 people have died from COVID in Hawaii.
I asked Karen if she wears a face mask the rest of the year in Hawaii, to help stop the spread of influenza?
She wouldn’t answer, and continued to talk about how “risky I am”.
I asked Karen if she drives. Her response was:

My response was

Karen’s last reply was for me to “stay away from her”.

Which in return, I asked her to do the same.

The point is, that this is not about people being TRULY concerned about “risking other people’s lives”.

Its just that Karen is gonna Karen. Sadly, most people are misinformed about the risks that we take every day, and INCREDIBLY misinformed about COVID19.


It is also fair to note how much this COVID shutdown has caused suicides to rapidly increase compared to previous years.





Millions of jobs permanently lost. People are on the financial fringe. Suicides up dramatically. All because of this shutdown.

Yet Karen is pissed that 17 people died of COVID symptoms in Hawaii?

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