I addressed this in a different post on this site a few weeks ago. But I will address it again since this question was asked online today.

Have I ever been arrested?
Yes I was arrested during a protest in 2010, for “using the streets without a permit”, which is an infraction. But they said I was “disorderly” as well which would be a misdemeanor.
I was protesting cannabis laws in Utah during a parade where other people were advertising their political views.
I was not disorderly, and I was not required to have a permit to use the streets (my permit is the first amendment).
Their municipal law was unconstitutional and therefore illegal.
I hired Andrew McCollough of the ACLU (not pro-bono).
He wrote them a letter explaining the constitution.
The next month the nullified the law that had been on the books since 1969 (to squelch civil rights demonstrations).
And they dropped my charges.
I had also been arrested in 1996 for cannabis possession.
That charge has been expunged from my record I believe.
It was a class B misdemeanor.
It was under an ounce of cannabis.

Something that I have a medical card for now, and I have since 2002.

This is my conclusion of my only real issue with the law in the last 20 years.
I created liberty for many.

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