The Law of the Duel in Hawaii

As I see the society around us fall into more and more self-serving ways, I see the country become more and more divided. I have witnessed brother turn against brother and neighbor turn against neighbor.

In Hawaii, this is no more obvious than how the sovereignty movement has divided our islands. Seeing brother against brother at the Mauna Kea protests in 2019-2020.

The photo above was distributed during the live stream of now Mayorial Candidate Ikaika Marzo’s broadcast during the Mauna Kea protest.

Along with other comments and related death threats:

Connors said other state employees have had their identities, addresses and contact information leaked online, leading to harassing and threatening messages. She played a voicemail reportedly left for another officer involved in removing the structure, wherein a man told the officer, “I hope you (expletive) die.”

Another comment highlighted during the press conference called a law enforcement officer “a traitor to his people,” while another said “Time for the Hawaiians to start assassinating these terrorists!!!” along with the personal information of a TMT employee.

Another comment on a Facebook photo of a supporter of TMT read “I THINK WE HAVE TOO KIDNAP HER. LOL,” while a YouTube comment posted under an interview with an astronomer included the statement “just kill yourself old man, you wasting all this free oxygen!!!”

There is no honor in this. Directing a mob to kill people deemed as enemies.

This is similar to many online fights around Hawaii displayed on youtube, and testimony of some of Hawaii’s most notable athletes such as Laird Hamilton who recounts being beaten by mobs of multiple children, often much larger than him, growing up in Kauai.


My opinion is that the duel is a better way to solve problems, and with far more honor. Honor that Hawaii culture would call “pono” and which had strong roots in Hawaii for a very long time. But that honor seems to be fading.

Standing one man, against one man, with size, strength, or numbers not being a factor in the outcome. Either by sword or by pistol the two men face off and at the end one is left standing.

As most common dueling rules go, a duel can be avoided with an apology. However, if the conflict can not be resolved with words, than the duel is carried out, usually until the death. However in France, dueling was often carried out with swords, and the fatality rate was much lower than other places with relied mostly on pistols.

In my opinion the honor involved in this is clear. There are no given advantages. The persons size or god-given strength, nor the presence of a mob counts for anything. This levels the playing field and it causes the results to have a very permanent conclusion so negotiations are more likely to take place.

Despite that Hawaii has very strict gun laws, Hawaii’s murder rate is even higher than places like Idaho per capita which in Idaho the gun laws are very relaxed compared to Hawaii. Owning an AR-15 and open carrying that weapon in Idaho is allowed by law. Owning a weapon in Hawaii (some) is legal with a police issued permit, but carrying a weapon is nearly impossible (legally), which also requires a different permit, which CAN be issued to citizens, but typically is not.

“Concealed carry and open carry are felonies without a permit to do so from the Chief of Police of your county. Although allowed by law in special circumstances of threat to self or property, the Chiefs’ policy at present is to grant only to law enforcement and those military and security guards whose duties specifically require such. Private citizens are denied. Hawaii is a “may issue” and “only with cause” state.”

The main point about re-legalizing the duel in Hawaii, is that there are ethics, codes, permetiers and honor in the duel. It is not a free for all gang-warfare society like Hawaii is now. It is a code that was practiced for 100s of years all around the world, mostly by aristocracy.

More about the duel here:

One of the most obvious benefits of the duel, is that the police do not need to get involved. A regulated duel can be oversaw by respected members of the community, without police involvement. This frees up police offers, from having to be involved in quarrels.

It is debatable, but the duel may already be legal in the USA

mutual combat
Mutual combat

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