IMUA TMT (clarification) For the University of Hawaii Board Of Regents Meeting November 6th 2019.

IMUA TMT (clarification) For The University of Hawaii Board Of Regents Meeting November 6th 2019

In 1995 DHHL was given payment of $600,000,000 (600 mil) as payment for the lands used for public and government usage. On top of that between OHA and DHHL, $10’s of millions have been paid each year for decades.

Furthermore, in regards to DHHL, Article 12 Section 4 says that DHHL lands are to be used for both Native Hawaiians AND the public. Never one or the other, but for both.

Section 4. The lands granted to the State of Hawaii by Section 5(b) of the Admission Act and pursuant to Article XVI, Section 7, of the State Constitution, excluding therefrom lands defined as “available lands” by Section 203 of the Hawaiian Homes Commission Act, 1920, as amended, shall be held by the State as a public trust for native Hawaiians and the general public. [Add Const Con 1978 and election Nov 7, 1978]

And as a minor note, that should be well known, is that there was an agreed upon MOA between DHHL, DOT and Hawaii County giving DOT control of the road.

How to Demolish Racism: Lessons from the State of Hawai’i
By Michael Haas

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