An on-going protest erupted in mid-July 2019, of mostly Kanaka in Hawaii, where around 500 people gathered at Mauna Kea to stop the building of the Thirty Meter Telescope. Roughly 30 people were arrested on July 17th for obstructing a public road. Since then, the police have backed down, the Governor has backed down and the mayor of Hawaii County Harry Kim has backed down. In the place of law and order, there has emerged an air of lawlessness and anarchy. It is cause for many to be concerned, as there has been a steady rise in hate crimes of Kanaka (native Hawaiians) against “haole” (foreigners, usually meaning white people).

When the government refuses to enforce the law and when lawlessness, violence, and other forms of obstruction go without consequence, a lot of noticeable changes happen.

Namely, there is a certain air of entitlement amongst the protesters and their supporters. They seem to believe, since they are allowed to block a permitted project and a public road, that they will have no consequences for any of their illegal actions going forward.

Lately, based on internet conversations on both Youtube and Facebook, there have been a lot of what would normally be considered illegal threats being waged by protesters against supporters of the Thirty Meter Telescope.
Some of these are death threats, and some of these are less serious, but violent and illegal all the same. There seems to be no slowing of the violent threats being dealt online, and from what I have heard from authoritative sources, also in person.

This is one press conference that law enforcement held with Governor David Ige, and the violent threats that were sent to police officers, and death threats as well, were played during the press conference.

These threats were very serious, and the person even used their own voice and did not disguise their threats at all, towards law enforcement.
David Ige and many other politicians and authorities have received similar threats.

Recently, on social media, I have received several violent threats as well. I have documented some of them publicly and I have screenshot all of them.
When I displayed my documented evidence of these threats, one of the many waging these threats tried to turn it around on me, and pretend like I was threatening him.

Reference from October 3rd 2019.

A lot of the recent threats, from October 18th and 19th, have occurred from a few of the usual kind here:

Beyond that, there are hate crimes after hate crimes happening in Hawaii right now, and from the recent past.
Yesterday I watched the news and saw that two kanaka who beat a “haole” with a shovel until he was unconscious while screaming racist insults at him, was let off almost scott-free with just probation.


This was the newspaper in Kailua-Kona on October 6th 2019. (Another hate crime)

Hate Crime Hawaii
Hate Crime Hawaii
Hate Crime Hawaii
Hate Crime Hawaii

This is a weekly occurrence in Hawaii, so much and for so long, that even the Southern Poverty Law Center, which has a reputation of not reporting on hate crimes against Caucasians, but typically only focuses on hate crimes against people of other ethnicities than Caucasian, has reported on the hate-crimes and the reasoning for it in Hawaii. This is an article from the SPLC from 2009.

You might think “that is old news”, except that nothing has changed since 2009. It has only gotten worse, and the constant reports in the local news is my evidence of that.

So my petition to Governor Ige, to Mayor Kim, and to LEO, is to either enforce the law, or admit surrender so that citizens can make a decision on who to hire in the 2020 election.

This is Ryan Thompson from ELECTRYAN.ORG, October 19th 2019.

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