For a quick note, I want to mention that the Thompson name is deep in Hawaii, and goes back to the mid-1800s. I have found a lot of connections on, and I have aunties in Oahu.

However there is a consequence to this as well as a benefit.

The consequence currently is that there are multiple people in Hawaii named “Ryan Thompson”. The confusion has crossed wires between myself, and a local solar contractor with the same name.

Apparently a fella that I have never met, and to my knowledge I have no connection with, owns a business name Pro-Solar Hawaii, who is in some sort of a lawsuit with a local guy named Chris Holm.

The spat between them has gone on and on since 2014 apparently.
I only know from what I have read online about it.

I will state for the record. I do not know Ryan Thompson from Pro-Solar Hawaii. I have not worked for him. I am not related to him (to my knowledge). I also have never been a party to a lawsuit. I have neither been sued, nor have I ever sued anyone.

I do believe the court case is still pending. I do hope for the sake of both parties, that it is resolved soon. Five years?

Either way, if you have any questions or concerns about this, you can read the same news that I am reading about this:

And if you go to the website for this business, you can see videos of Ryan Thompson (of Pro Solar Hawaii), and it is not the same person as me.

As to give this situation the benefit of the doubt. I looked up the BBB record for this person/business. It appears that they have been in business for 17 years, no complaints with the BBB, and they have an A+ rating.

Other than that, I take no side on this case. I trust the courts will do their job and settle this once and for all.

Update June 5th 2020

This issue of my Thompson name continuously comes up in Hawaii.

So there are sections of the Hawaiian community in the Sovereignty movement specifically. Who are very proud of things that they have NO CONTROL over, such as where they are book, what ethnicity they are born with, who their parents are, etc.

To these people, my Thompson name is a major talking point.

I have had idiots say “You stole that name, that isn’t your real name, you are counter-intel-pro”..

I have had people say “My ohana has had that name longer than you have, so don’t ruin our ohana’s reputation” (this is typically in regards to someone who has my EXACT same name and owns a Solar company on Big Island, who is a party to a lawsuit. It is not me)

Then there are even some so cavalier to say “You don’t deserve that name”. Of course the also say racist and hateful things about people such as Kalepa Baybayan, just because he disagrees with them about the astronomy and the TMT in Hawaii.

So I can trace my family name back to 900 A.D.

I have actually visited the places that MY Ohana brought the name from in Scotland and England. I have been there many times.

No you can not even try to take my name away.

And I gaurantee that MY Ohana has had that name for MUCH longer than Kanaka Maoli have even been in Hawaii. Facts

Now as far as my history in Hawaii. It is my history. I travel and I have moved around in my past. No different than ancient polynesians.

I have found that my great great grandfather (maybe 3 greats), came from England in 1857 as a Merchant Marine.
There is evidence that he ran his trading/shipping business from the West Coast of the USA, to Hawaii in the mid-late 1800s.

That does not mean much to me. I could give two fucks how long my family has been here. I just found it interesting.

I travel, the polynesians travel, and I know PLENTY of Hawaiians who came from Polynesia to the Mainland, bought property, ran for office, etc.

What’s the difference?

Kanaka Maoli are not indigneous to Hawaii, because their ancestors came from somewhere else.
So did my ancestors.

So what.

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