There are 302,000 deaths from Covid-19 worldwide. 7.8 billion people. That is 0.0039%
There are 330 million people in the USA and 85541 deaths (remove NY from the equation and it’s only about 50,000 deaths) but 85541 of 330 million is 0.26%
Japan has a population of 120 million and has 713 deaths. That is 0.0006% and they aren’t even locked down.
And the recovery rate in all of those places is well above 98%
VERY comparable to the flu.

The reason that I point out that if we removed New York’s numbers from the total, is that the state of New York is counting deaths with “Covid-19-like symptoms, as COVID-19 deaths, without any scientific confirmation such as a post-mortem test). Reference:

Clearly New York’s Covid-19 count is unlike ANYWHERE else in the world, and it is clearly fake, since they are considering deaths of “Covid-like symptoms as Covid-19 deaths”, meanwhile flu and pneumonia deaths are way down at the same time. Which is no shock, since they all have very similar symptoms.

If you want to lock down, then do. You have that FREEDOM.
You don’t need to mingle or be exposed if you don’t want to.
#Covid #Freedom

Here is a question for my audience. What is the definition of inalienable rights?

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