Running For 2020 Election
I am running in Hawaii County Council District 4.

My plan, as a realist, and as someone trying to be accountable as possible, is to protect my own God-given rights. If I stand up for those rights, I stand up for everyone’s rights.  My main concerns are as follows

  1. I plan on correcting budget shortfalls, and discouraging spending money on illegitimate projects. As well as stopping the council and Mayor from discouraging business in Hawaii.
  2. I will stand up for Second Amendment rights. Our police department has many unfilled positions and are losing more and more officers. We need to stand up for ourselves, and we need the tools to do it.
  3. I will promote and encourage small business over large business. I will help the local agrarian culture with a technology infrastructure as we move forward into the new age of tech, AI, and a growing population. Self sustainability is key.
  4. I will stand to defend all of our inalienable rights, even in times of virus pandemic crisis (hysteria). I believe that under no circumstance should we be forced to give up our rights, at all. Our 1st Amendment right to gather peacefully, our 5th Amendment right to travel, 9th Amendment our support and enforcement of protecting our inalienable rights.

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About Ryan’s political views and inspirations

Ryan is a father of 4 and a husband of 18 years to his wonderful wife Kimberly. Ryan is very concerned about the future of his keiki and the future generations. A rising tide lifts all ships is Ryan’s favorite quote.