I will give my direct and honest opinion about Black Lives Matter 2020.
I will say that there is a good reason to protest when police abuse their power. Not all police are terrible, they are all human and humans make mistakes. But that does not mean that all police are horrible. Police have a very difficult job to do.

That being said, I have risked my own life to protest against police violence.
Such as when I took my rifle down to the Maine Statehouse in 2016 to protest the FBI murder of Lavoy Finicum.

Reference to where I had 5 police surround me and point guns at me. But then agree with me, shake hands and walk away friendly over what happened to Lavoy Finicum.

Maine Statehouse Armed Protest of Lavoy Finicum murder

As a teenager, when only possessing marijuana and nothing else. Nor was I violent or hostile. I was thrown to the ground by police and they busted my nose.

So I am well acquainted with how the police treat suspects in their worst moments. I also know what it’s like to stare down the barrel of a police weapon.

In addressing the case of George Floyd. I am appalled to once again witness via video the police killing another human that was no threat to them. It makes me furious in fact. I know the police had a difficult situation with a criminal suspect who was resisting arrest. However, their use of force was unacceptable, and the murder of George Floyd should not go unpunished
I see that they have arrested the police officer that killed George Floyd.
The worst part is that like most cases, the police will likely suffer no consequences.

Just like with:


Also I want to note that when people say “All lives matter” it is a good assertion, that police murdering ANY HUMAN is unacceptable, and they should be held to account.

There was a facebook discussion today about this. Where the numbers of police killing Caucasian individuals as well as black individuals were compared. Police kill white individuals at twice the rate of black individuals. It is also well known that while the black population commits 50% of all murders, despite that the black population is only 13% of the population.

Dr. Thomas Sowell and Walter E. Williams are two well respected black scholars that will go into the details of these disparities.



On many occasions I have taken the time to write about the racially based “Drug war” and I take into account the racist history of the drug war, and the abuse of citizens by police in this drug war.

Reference: https://xcannabis.net/2013/07/25/the-numbers-behind-the-racist-drug-war/

Ben Shapiro in fact has taken on Black Lives Matter scholars head on, and has exposed a lot of the disparity that is not spoken about much. The exchange between Ben Shapiro and BLM is very eye opening.


The one thing that I agree with Ben Shapiro on, is that burning down a city where the people who are rioting live, is counter productive.
When they burn down places of employment where their friends, family and neighbors live. That does not help them now or in the future. It only makes it harder in the future for those neighborhoods to live.

So while I empathize with the terrible situation, and the man who got killed and his family. I would recommend taking the fight to the person or people who committed the act. Not burning down a bunch of stores and looting them.
Seems to me like their issue was with the police, not Target or Autozone or their local corner markets.

As far as how I would fix this problem with police violence and murder.

I would start rolling in and welcoming private based security that is trained and managed like the Michigan based “Threat Management Center”.

Watch this video about how much more effective this private security agency is.

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