Going forward, and looking back

  1. I have never been registered as a Republican
  2. I am not currently registered as a Republican
  3. I am registered as a Libertarian, and only because of the potential of a run for political office recently. Otherwise I would remain non-partisan (in fact, I learned that county offices are ALL non-partisan anyway)
  4. I feel much more comfortable with the genuine Republican platform, like the Frederick Douglass type, than I do the Democrat platform.
  5. I did not vote for Trump in 2016 (In fact I literally left the USA because it was between Trump and Hillary, and I didn’t like either of them. Facts, I can show you the video of us sailing out of the country on the day of the election)
  6. I do like MANY of the things that Trump has done.
  7. I am also ashamed of many of the things Trump has done (and I have sent my concerns directly to the White House)
  8. I don’t think I will vote for Trump, because I won’t be changing my party affiliation.
  9. If I could vote for Trump in November, at this point I most likely would (based on everything to date, the good and the bad). But since I need to be a part of the Republican Party to vote for him, that won’t be happening.
  10. Hawaii is a blue state anyway. So Trump won’t win Hawaii most likely. But it would be great if he did.

I was looking into some local Republican groups to support. But I have decided that I would probably be less help than I would be burden. Im a bit too radical for the GOP. So I resigned any Republican affiliations that I had in Hawaii today. I opted out voluntarily about 15 minutes ago.

But that is not to say that I don’t support them. I do. I want the to be successful and fight back this Democrat scourge in Hawaii. I just decided that I would continue to do my own thing, as I have my entire life.
Being that I am registered Libertarian. I will work in that direction going forward. Or maybe I will create a new P.A.C.
Something needs to change. I will do what I can. I hope everyone right now realizes how important it is to be involved. Aloha !

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