I worked hard today getting signatures, and I am happy to say that I did get all of the signatures needed to get on the ballot and then some.
Only 15 signatures were needed. I got more than twice that amount, and I filmed as I got the signatures, so there is no confusion when the signatures are counted.
So unless something incredibly unscrupulus happens when I turn in my paperwork Monday, then I will be on the ballot for District 4 County Council in Hawaii County.

Thanks everyone for your help. I am still collecting signatures just incase any more are needed. But I think I will be plenty good.

Again, I will recap. My campaign is more of a protest of business as usual in Hawaii. Meaning that I am tired of campaign funders using their political connections to control the economy in Hawaii. !
So many politicians promise the voters many things, and then they promise their donors something very different. Who wins? Typically the sponsors of the campaign do, and typically the people get screwed.

This is a blog post I made last year and it demonstrates this problem very well here in Hawaii County.


So I have vowed to not taking ANY campaign donations.

Myself and my family are creating the signs, shirts and hats at home for the campaign. We won’t take any money from anyone.

However what you can do to help, is spread awareness on social media.
Tell your friends and ohana. Let’s get the word out, and lets get Hawaii back to work!

I attended a protest that was set up by someone else, for ReOpen Hawaii, in Kailua Kona today. It was a blast, and tons of people showed up!

This was a video at the end of the protest For REOPEN HAWAII.
To me it looks like the sovereignty protesters that were there caused some problems.
But I am not sure what it was all about.

This was my last word at the protest.

I had a strange interaction from a familiar anonymous troll on youtube today, which quite honestly I am going to state that I do not believe this person is who they say they are. They are pretending to be Hawaiian from the Hawaiian Kingdom group. But the anonymity and the crude and crazy language from this person makes me think it is probably one of my common anonymous trolls from outside of that group.
But who knows. It just seems like there is a pattern here. But, trying to be 100% transparent. I answer their questions and comments anyway.

Reference: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KF7tcAgnrfU&lc=UgykQjVHHuwLwxad3Y54AaABAg

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