Government causes a problem, and now the government can not fix the problem

Gov. Ige has finally revealed the inevitable result that most competent people understood months ago, and what we have written about several times both here on , and on Disruptarian Radio

The Federal Money is drying up. Tax income is drying up. The economy is still shut down to interstate travel.

A recent lawsuit was ruled against by a Federal Judge, to reopen the economy. Despite that the lawsuit had vocal support of the DOJ on the federal level.

As I reported on June 11th almost a month ago, and what I have said since March when the shutdown started, we will have a major economic collapse because of this shutdown and it will not be something that the government can or will fix. So it is up to us.

This is a briefing from today (still live right now July 7th 2020) about opening up schools.

There are a few groups still attempting to fight back HB 2502 which turns Hawaii into a police state overnight.

Pay attention to:

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