Hawaii alt-right fascism trying to push total government control of Hawaii In a recent conversation (continued from my last video), I had posted: “Looking for a GOOD tattooist. Can provide a sterile location if still shut down due to government tyranny.” And the hateful comments and unfounded comments and replies abound. It was pretty crazy. So I documented the whole thing. Mostly because I knew it would be deleted. It was eventually deleted. Simply asking for a tattoo artists to help me out, in a local business group in Hawaii.

Myth: The term “Boogaloo” is code for a white supremacist movement, and is full of alt-right Neo-Nazis that want to destroy American freedoms and re-enslave people of color.

Fact: The Boogaloo does not see in shades of color. The Boogaloo recognizes that all people are different. They come from different backgrounds. They have different life experiences. The Boogaloo movement recognizes all Americans as Americans, regardless of race, religion, or sexual preference. The Boogaloo is about freedom from all tyranny and oppression for all people. If you’re in the Boogaloo movement, you already know this.

Facebook, I expect you to add this to your fact checking arsenal and attach it to posts saying the “Boogaloo” is an alt-right terrorist movement.

Facebook users active in the Boogaloo movement saw the protests in Minneapolis that began May 26 as a possible catalyst for revolution, upheaval, even a civil war, based not on racial tensions but on anti-government and anti-police resistance. Within the Boogaloo movement, gun ownership and individual liberty generally precede white supremacist and neo-Nazi sentiments, and many Facebook groups make a point of disavowing racism and National Socialists (“Natsocs”). [91011] Administrators of pages such as Big Igloo Bois and Boojahadeen Memes actively supported the anti-racist and Black Lives Matter protests. They adopt a combination of serious moral tirades against police brutality and government capriciousness with memes and images typical of informal political groups. The Boogaloo movement claims a distinctly non-racial approach to anti-government action. As an example, affiliates on Facebook share images supporting gun ownership in African-American communities as a means of defense against abuses by police. Similarly, these Facebook groups draw clear parallels between George Floyd and figures of libertarian and gun-rights movements who have been killed by police in the past.


Another aspect of RIGHT Vs. LEFT.

Fascists often try to change the narrative and the historical meanings of words. For example they will say that the Democrats and the Republicans at some point switched platforms. One of their biggest lies to try to change the narrative.

The other thing they try to do is play as if those they are not right wing, and they will claim to be left wing.
This is a trap I have fallen into and I have become educated.

On the FAR – RIGHT, you have ultraauthoritarians, such as the Nazi’s, the Communists, and Monarchy’s with dictatorial power. That is far right. That form of government assumes total control of a nation, or near total control. Which they control the markets, the press, the food production, etc.
On the FAR-LEFT you have anarchy, or the absence of government. There would be groups, but even that is sort of a form of structure, so the absence of government is the farthest left you can go.

A constitutional republic is right in the middle of both of those. With guaranteed and “unalienable rights” such as we have in the USA.

This is a video that I found online and I uploaded it to my youtube channel.

I would consider myself more left than right, but certainly I believe that the best form of government so far is a constitutional republic. Unfortunately, since 1913, the USA has been going more right-wing/socialist. We need to correct the direction, and bring it back to a constitutional republic.

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