The county and state should be responsible for public access roads such as highways and freeways. That is what our car registration and other taxes are for.
However I do not believe that the government manages transportation very effectively. It is quite obvious with RAIL in Honolulu and projects all over the islands, that DOT estimates one thing, sells the government on a budget, and then VASTLY overspends.
I propose that as a council, we make the subdivisions in the state pay for their own roads and improvements. The Home Owners Associations collect dues from the owners of property in their sub-divisions, and it is an accumulation of massive amounts of money.
The dues in Hawaiian Paradise Park, per lot is $328 per year (it changes from year to year), times 8850 lots. Which amounts to: $2,902,800 per year collected. That seems like ample amounts of funding for taking care of roads.

If the roads are not being maintained, then that is what the courts are for.
For example if HPP was collecting $2.9 million dollars a year, and only improving what would cost half of that. Then the owners in the HOA, would be able to file a class action lawsuit against HPP.

As for reopening the railroad. This should be looked at the same way.
Government does not spend money wisely, and they should not be trusted with railroads any more than they should be trusted.
The RAIL project in Honolulu is the MOST EXPENSIVE rail project in the world, with Honolulu residents sharing the cost of rail at about $10,500 each. But the project continues to increase in cost, and it will almost certainly go up from there.–saIl58TeGSV5IOGn4aAk6WEALw_wcB

If I were offer a proposal, I would say we need to deregulate business in this particular infrastructure, and allow a private entity to build the rail for commercial and potential passenger usage.
However, we would need to encourage other business as well, for rail to even have a purpose.
One of the biggest problems that we have in Hawaii, is Democrats who tax and spend on government projects, but who discourage other industries with heavy regulations.

This is my video response to the question.

My main message, is that we can not continue to encourage government to fix our problems. We need to become self sustainable, and to work on pending issues such as these through the free-market. Not tax and spend economics.

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  • Jacqueline Utkin
    Posted May 27, 2020 7:08 pm 2Likes

    The rail is a boondoggle. Period. How many people have come and gone and were replaced in six years? Were they frisked before they left? Big money has been lost. We need a forensic audit but that will never happen because too many hands were in the cookie jar.
    As far as the other problems, how will anything get done when the takers outweigh the makers? Victimhood and greed propel a great many people in Hawaii. The hatred of tourists will dispel when the locals find out that no one will pay to see them duded up in coconut bras and grass skirts anymore. They are gone.
    The saddest part is how corruption has ruined the Hawaiian Islands.

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