I don’t know if a person can be written in for county council?

Either way, my representative in Hawaii County Council has no challengers, and I think there is a lot of reasons to challenge her.

Regardless I had been asked a lot of questions on social media when I had announced that I was going to run for County Council District 4. The video below intends to answer most of those questions in just one video.

That was my response to the most common questions that were asked. I gave instruction on how to search and find answers that I had posted at www.electryan.org along the way.

I may not run in 2022 either. But I wanted to at least answer the questions that were asked of me the most, and compile those answers so they are easy to find.

This is my local representative in District 4 on the Hawaii County Council.

Ashley Kierkiewicz, she is the incumbent with no challengers this election in District 4 of Hawaii County Council

Hawaii Tribune – Eileen O’Hara and Ashley Kierkiewicz

If it is possible to write-in a candidate for the 2020 Hawaii County Council District 4, then please do.


There are more answers here:

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