A new statewide poll commissioned for the developer of the Thirty Meter Telescope shows Hawaii residents support construction of the $2.4 billion project by nearly a 2-to-1 margin. Read more

I posted this today on a Hilo facebook group. The post got nearly 400 comments, before it was deleted about 3 hours after I posted.

One person (who has been trolling multiple posts of mine for a week now), said “then you should allow the original people here decide what do with it”.

I said “I plan on going to the Adz Rock Quarry on Mauna Kea next week”

Then the conversation delved into race and ethnicity, and who “owns these lands” and of course the overthrow etc.

I asked them “why does ONLY the minority of Native Hawaiian opinions county, and the others don’t”.
This went back and forth for hours before the post was deleted.

The one thing that stuck out, was a comment that I made.

I said: This reminds me of something that happened last week when Joe Biden was on the Breakfast Club and he said something like “If you are questioning whether to vote for me or not, then you ain’t black”.

“If you don’t oppose the TMT thank you ain’t Hawaiian”
Look at the nasty racist comments in this video

I am running for office, mainly because my representative will not respond to my questions that I have been asking for nearly 18 months.
These are the letters that I sent to two representatives that are on the county council in Hawaii county.


Another point of interest was when they spoke about how Native Hawaiians that are long ago gone, would oppose the TMT, and I replied that the Hawaiian Aristocracy most certainly believed in and promoted the use of the latest technology in telescopes being built and used in Hawaii.


Ashley Kierkiewicz Hawai’i County Council, District 4

Dear Ashley,

Aloha!  I wanted to comment on your speech on July 20th last year, when you spoke about the financial challenges that our community is facing post-eruption.
I am troubled by the support that Matt Kanaelii-Kleinfelder is not supporting the TMT, and is infact emboldening protesters with his support of them.

As you well know the TMT project is a no-waste facility, it is not impacting historical or present day ritual or burial practices.
The EIS has been very enlightening on what the impact will be.  The fact that 3 telescopes are coming down, to make room for this one telescope is a grand compromise IMHO.

The protesters currently are shutting down public/county roads, impeding people in their productive daily routines, and blocking many workers from performing any of their daily duties for their jobs.

I would like to see you support the TMT, and oppose the protesters who are hurting our already fractured community.

I have a local radio show, that I broadcast from my home in Nanawale.   I have written two blogs about this issue.

My family of 6 have been celebrating the new STEM/SPACE programs coming to Puna and Hawaii island by launching rockets in Pahoa over the last couple of weeks.

Please watch our celebration at this short video;   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XvEjK8R3yis&t=3s

Mahalo for your time,
Ryan Thompson

If she won’t answer my questions, after asking several times. Then I must of course take the next course of action.

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